Message From The Principal

Mr.Charles L Omollo


Education plays a key role in the overall development of the society. The role of education is definitely not limited to giving and grasping knowledge and theory. The true goal of education transcends much beyond just awarding diplomas and certificates to the students.

At TIBS, we believe that the ultimate goal of education is the discovery of the meaning of life and the fulfillment of life and all mankind as well as for oneself. The quest of education is knowledge, humanity, culture, wisdom and sharpness but it should be noted that knowledge is not given but earned and character is not granted but cultivated.

TIBS College not only focuses on the theoretical curriculum, but also helps in the development of a student personality, extra-curricular activities and overall perspective. Everything that makes a good institution are - a highly trained and qualified faculty, rich library and workshop facilities, attachment and job placement division, teaching methods, liberty to creativity and innovation - we have it here.

At TIBS College, we ensure students get the best start to their future career to become smart and careful citizen of our glorious country, Kenya.